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Dehor 2019
Ph. Luigi Fieni

DehOr spaces | Design your horizon

“If you don’t have a garden, create one at home”

Design + Nature = New perspectives, new physical and ideal horizons.
Redesigning our personal horizon, where the boundaries between outside and inside cancel each other out.
For an ever more universal, innovative and evocative garden.

The DehOrs along the wings of the exhibition centre are inspirations, journeys between nature, furnishings, accessories and objects.

Cernobbio Wing

A . “Naturale matericità”

by Ethimo
> The project

B . “About Biophilic Design”

by Michieli Floricoltura
>The project

C. “Un’isola in giardino”

by HBCL – Hallucinated Balloons
> The project

D . “Il cammino del viandante”

by Ceramica Baldanza
>The project

Lario Wing

E. “Vivere all’aperto”

by Lgtek
>The project

F. “Il giardino di Eva, la Mela del desiderio”

by William Zanotto
>The project