Archive 2018

Design 2018

In Cernobbio Wing and Lario Wing

DehOr. Design your horizon

“If you don’t have a garden, let it grow one inside”

Design + Nature. New perspectives, new physical and ideal horizons.
The boundaries between inside and outside cancel each other out, in an ever more universal, innovative and evocative garden.
Here are the “DehOr 2018” spaces. To redesign our personal horizon.

Cernobbio Wing
>”Gioco d’Intrecci”. Project by Ethimo and UN pizzo
> “Superfici, foglie e tessuti: omaggio all’Art Decò”. Project by Lariosaurus Design
>  “Fronde”. Project by Gianmaria Aprile
>“Wundercamera, ovvero la stanza delle meraviglie” . Project by Wundercamera Creative Interiors
>  “SALVIAmo”. Project by Laura Mantegazza with setup by Martin Design

Lario wing
> “Junk Town” . Project by Vittorio Peretto | Hortensia. With Roofingreen and Bisazza
> “The sage temple”. Project by OLO creative farm
>”Scacco matto” (“Checkmate”). Project by DALIA dimensional wall art