Design with “Trame di seduzione”

Ph. by Luigi Fieni. Model: Chiara Leonelli

DehOr B, Cernobbio Wing

Trame di seduzione
– Seduction wefts –

The skin touched by silk and velvet moved by a mysterious gust of wind, the atmosphere smells of distant lands, among scents of spices, flowers and winking soft lights.
The touch guides, the view gets confused, but sees the shapes of a chaise longue. Desire to lie down, but the sound of a loom seems to come from afar, intriguing and attracting further, towards discovery: ancient or just woven silk, soft and caressing or material and rough velvet?

Carla Vallotto creates the “Trame di seduzione” space, where the fabrics draw the charm and style of furnishings and accessories.

Designed and made by
Carla Vallotto | I Cuscini di Carla*
San Pietro in Cariano (Vr)
FB: I Cuscini di Carla

(details on space number and location on Catalogue 2020)

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