Design with “Luci all’Alhambra”

Design with “Lights at the Alhambra”

DehOr C, Cernobbio Wing

Luci all’Alhambra
– Lights at the Alhambra –

Avanzi (leftovers) and what remains, taking a new form, Avanzi in the sense of progressing, moving forward, regardless of the natural origin of an element, creating an evolution that is born in the artist’s head and then reaches her hands to be transformed and become furniture or light.
At the base of Avanzi Cardboard Design is cardboard, a recycled material with a very low environmental impact, which Alessandra Bray has been working on for years.

From the initial use of this element to create furnishings, the artist has refined more and more her personal processing technique, to the extent of reducing it to embroidered “yarns” or woven reeds, experimenting play of lights and shadows which are highly suggestive for the production of her line of lamps, some of which were chosen for the set of the latest film by Carlo Verdone, “Si vive una volta sola”, shot in 2019 in Puglia.

For Orticolario the seduction of places is interpreted, designing a space inspired by the dream and enchanting atmosphere of the Alhambra.
A preview of the new series “Le Castigliane” is presented, lamps with projections of lights that recall Moorish geometries.

Project by
Alessandra Bray | Avanzi Cardboard Design

Pictures by
Luana Selmi | Lunas

Floors by
Pavimenti De Filippi

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