Design with “Ore 17: l’ora del tè a casa Sève”

Design with “5 pm: tea time at Sève house”

DehOr D,, Cernobbio Wing

Ore 17: l’ora del tè a casa Sève
– 5 pm: tea time at Sève house –

A space-time journey to Quebec in the 1950s, in the living room of the Sève family, dedicated to the collection of maple syrup.

Everything is wrapped in sweet, welcoming and warm scents, among the spectacular shades of colours of the maple leaves, especially in autumn.

Embellished with the artisan techniques used in the manufacturing of artistic felt, tapestries, paintings, vintage furniture and armchairs, they create an intimate corner featuring a pictorial and contemporary design, based on the recovery of materials.

An idea of ethical and playful beauty for a customizable and ideal space for interiors, for a veranda or for any place inspired by nature.

Designed and made by
Textile art

Sara Massidda

Sara Scaramuzza

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