8. Spazio City Garden “Parametric Russian Garden”

Tatiana Lazareva, garden designer

The concept

An incredible journey through the Russian province of the 21st century.
After all … small towns are the soul of every country.

The interview

What was the last book you read? And the next?
Alexei Tolstoy “Road to Calvary”
Nikolay Mikhailovich Karamzin “History of the Russian State”

Where is your next journey to?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite plant?
Matricaria chamomilla

Where would you like to live?
I love my homeland and my hometown Ryazan.

Which is your favourite historical period?
The Silver Age is a period in the history of Russian culture, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, which coincided with the modern era.

Describe, in a few words, a scene that best represents for you the idea of “beauty and elegance”?
The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl is a white-stone church in the Vladimir region of Russia, 1.5 km from Bogolyubov; outstanding monument of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture. protected meadow which is located around.

What is for you the garden?
For me, a garden is a feeling. Garden art is the most exciting and most influential of all the arts. You go to the park to rest – without resistance to surrender to impressions, to breathe fresh air with its fragrance of spring or autumn, flowers and herbs. All your senses are revealed for the perception of impressions, and the change of these impressions creates a special symphony.

What is for you the trip?
Travel for me is inspiration.