7. “Black Garden – viaggio negli Inferi”

Davide Cerruto, garden designer, Emanuela Missanelli, garden designer and designer, Walter Coccia, architect and landscape designer, Daniela Colombara, interior designer e purchasing agent

The concept

It is the descent into an “infernal garden” inspired by Dante, a physical and inner journey, full of anxiety, marked by a portal, a river and a vegetation combining hooked vine shoots, mysterious inflorescences, thorny capsules, and unusual essences hardly used all together in a garden.

The interview

What is the last book you read? And what will be the next one?
“La Confraternita Dei Giardinieri”. The next one: “L’incredibile viaggio delle piante”

Your next trip?

Favourite colour?

What is the plant that matters most to you?
The one I’ll plant tomorrow

Where would you live?
In a warm place

What is your favourite historical era?
Here and now

Can you describe in short a scene that represents “beauty and elegance” for you?
In the wind, the slow swaying of flowering branches

What is a garden for you?
It is a constantly changing micro-world, an artificial work tending to natural, the desire to satisfy the longing for beauty, the contact with nature, all these things; however it can also become a nightmare, if you can’t handle it …

What is the journey for you?
It is leaving the world behind, getting lost and finding yourself again