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In the Park. “Creative Spaces” 2018 competing

Orticolario 2018 finalisti Ph. Luciano Movio

“Metamorfosi” by Il papavero blu – 2017 Creative Spaces. Ph. Luciano Movio

Here are the previews of the finalists’ projects of the 2018 International Competition “Creative Spaces”.
Gardens and Installations that the designers will realize in the Park of Villa Erba from 5 to 7 October 2018 on the occasion of the tenth edition of Orticolario.

They compete for the “La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award, the “Visitors’ choice Award” and other awards. > Details

The purpose of the competition is to identify innovative projects that present ideas, techniques and materials in line with the premises, the aesthetic objectives and the quality standards of the event. The projects should enhance and interpret the pre-existing landscapes applying creative freedom and material choices and with the possibility of using the most diverse languages and artistic/cultural references.

> Projects in the park (.pdf)

1. spLaYce ship

Design and realisation by Mirco Colzani . Paina di Giussano (Mb)

In the “spLaYce ship” space a sea of ornamental grasses and perennials surrounds a sinuous “living tunnel”, from which a dome of intertwined branches emerges, accessible from two circular labyrinths. Along the boundaries of the work, wireless telephones allow the visitors to talk to each other from different points.
A perfect and essential space for those who love having fun in close contact with nature.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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2. Spazio Fratelli Leonelli Manutenzione e cura del Paesaggio “Good Vibrations”

Design by Stefania Pluchino . Castelletto Sopra Ticino (No)

An interaction between space, instruments and the visitor who plays with mysterious drums from which “good vibrations” come out.
The craftsmanship of the sculptor, Marcello Corrà, gives lightness to the solidity of the iron perfectly integrating with the fineness and the vaporousness of the grasses and the autumnal herbaceous perennials. And then anemones, Aster, the solid forms of the Buxus (Box) and the Salvia x jamensis (Jame sage). The fluent-shaped path leads to a point where the ‘hand drums’ can be played and ends in a rest area, where between rustling leaves and energy vibrations the park can be contemplated. Iron, bark, lawn and a small body of water in a play of solidity, fluidity, lightness.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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3. Spazio Vivai Piante Battistini “Meet me halfway”

Design by Andrea Camassa . Bologna (Bo)
FB: Andrea Camassa

The project and its installations metaphorically telling the spiral of life, its contradictions and difficulties, oscillations, perfumes and beauty. A life worth living while playing in good company and sharing. The uphill path can be walked on both sides and is marked by ten frames, five on one side and five on the other, which meet on a two-seater swing.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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4. Spazio Associazione Animum Ludendo Coles
“Chi semina gioco raccoglie un animo fiorente e rigoglioso”

“Those who sow the plays, reap a strong and blooming soul”

Design by Furio Ferri . Lodi

A “salvific” path where we go beyond the fascinating web of virtual and ephemeral reality, led by the most natural and spontaneous instinct of the human being: playing a free, costless and inclusive game. Having a direct and real experience with the traditional games that are carved in stone, discovering the scents and colors of the sages and aromatic herbs, in the harmonic sounds of nature, in the purifying water flow.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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5. Spazio Green Passion “La Topitta”

Design by Leonardo Magatti . Cernobbio (Co)

A project dedicated to nature lovers. An intuitive garden, where plants are the main characters of a pleasant controlled disorder. The “Topitta” is a small house, a refuge in the woods, the result of pure imagination made with reclaimed wood planks. In a fairytale atmosphere, the style is natural and harmonious among Verbena (vervain), Sage, Achillea (yarrow), Gaura, Aster, Veronica, Anemone, Echinacea, Cleome and seeds of natural flowering meadow with mixed pastel colors.  To surprise everyone, to transport us to a world of wonderful stories.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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6. “Il gioco è il tempo”

“Play is time”

Design and realisation by MetalliFilati . Cremona

“Il gioco è il tempo” is made with very light metal structures reminding us of the suggestions experienced when we played with colored “sticks” to create fantastic castles and impossible bridges. And when the pieces collapsed? The infinite desire to try again and to risk infinite worlds with unconscious creativity was unleashed.  Yielding to the play and rediscovering spirit and moments. To rebuild parts of us and share parts of others.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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7.Spazio Figli dei Fiori “Castelli di salvia”

“Sage castles”

Design and realisation by CIRIBÌ . Como

The soap bubbles (polycarbonate spheres), blown by a fairytale character (wire mesh), push the sage towards the sky, then lay it on a carpet of leaves crossed by a wooden path. Some bubbles contain a large sage leaf made of interweaving fabrics. Others, as if in a spell, turn into living plants. A habitat suspended between earth and sky, where the salvific power of sage, in various materials, strengthens and soothes the spirit, between sounds and silences.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborate in the implementation (.pdf)

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8. Spazio Jolly PVC “V.Rubik, l’orto modulare”

“V.Rubik, the modular vegetable garden”

Design by Marco Bellotti . Traona (So)

The project “V.Rubik e l’orto modulare”, previewed at Orticolario 2018, creates snap-fit modular units made of recyclable and wear resistant PVC that can be chromatically customized. The area dedicated to the garden with Salvia, chairs and floral arrangements, alternates with the lounge area for a relaxing view on the lake. Composing and recomposing for a more dynamic vision that follows the changes of space and needs.

> Preview of the project and those who collaborqate in the implementation (.pdf)

>The interview