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Committees, evaluations and awards 2018


In order to spread the culture and the passion for avant-gardening, to stimulate a high-quality production and presentation, the exhibition spaces will be judged by two Committees:
a. the Technical Committee will evaluate the collection size, the attention to research, the rarity of arboreal specimens, etc.
b. the Aesthetic Committee will evaluate the space arrangement, as well as the lighting solutions, and award the prize for the best set-up.

The top three companies rewarded by each Committee will be mentioned in next year’s Catalogue, where they will be recognised by the “Excellency” label.

A correct labelling of each arboreal sample is therefore recommended, as well as a harmonious staging as a whole.  

Awards and prizes

The awards for the 2018 exhibitors consist of origami made with vintage hand-painted paper, signed “Marigami – Marinella della Toffola” exclusively for Orticolario.
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Technical Committee (only for nursery farmers)
Coordinator Valter Pironi, Member of the Scientific Committee of Orticolario
Jurors: Gianfranco Giustina, Curator of the gardens of the Borromean Islands, Alberto Grossi, Plantsman, Enrico Mailli, Horticulturalist and Gardener at Zen Garden, Erwin Meier, Owner of Meier – Der Treffpunkt für Gartengeniesser, Martina Schullian, Owner of Gärtnerei Schullian Floricultura Bolzano, Peter Van Rijssen, Breeder representative and plants hunter, Valter Angeli, Botanist and Landscape design consultant, Monica Ranzi, Writer, Gabriele Cantaluppi, Jury assistant, Aldo Maspes, Observer.

The “Collection Award” for the most impressive collection
was won by Le Essenze di Lea for the collection, the variety, shapes and colours of the sages and for the efforts made to select the hybrids born in the nursery.
A mention was given to Orchideen Detlef Frenzel for the orchids and the good assortment of wax flower species (Hoya).
A mention was given to Central Park for the presentation of twenty-five species, between Fargesia species and cv, of non-invasive bamboos.

The “Super specimen Award” for the best research
was won by Crespi Bonsai Park for its great specimen, its Pseudocydonia sinensis, and  for its elevated ornamental value.

The “Rarity Award” for the best plant, new or rare,
was won by Water Nursery for the Nymphaea “Jakkaphong”, a very compact water lily, with an unusual flower colour and an interesting texture of the leaves.
A mention was given to Tara Vivai for the Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’, characterised by an innovative growth habit and a generous flowering, not only at the apex.
A mention was given to F.lli Papini for the sweet peppers, perfect for street food attitude.

Aesthetic Committee
Coordinators Emilio Trabella, Landscaper and botanist, President of Società Ortofloricola Comense, Member of the Scientific Committee of Orticolario and Gaetano Zoccali, Journalist
Jurors: Ernesto Minotti, Friend of Orticolario, Corrado Tagliabue, Architect, Raffaella Porta, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli of Como

The “Best set-up Award” for the best set-up (garden or presentation of products in the context of a “structured” set-up)
was won by Central Park by Mario Mariani with “Disambiguazione”, a well-interpreted botanical path with a large collection of ornamental grasses and herbaceous plants.
A mention was given to Villa Litta for recreating the amazing water games of the late seventeenth century in the dungeons of Villa Erba.
A mention was given to “ooomm” by Stefano Ogliari Badessi for his spectacular work, well inserted in the Central Pavilion and giving the Buddha a playful face.

The “Best products set-up Award” for the best non-nursery farmer exhibition space (a simple but effective and harmonious arrangement of the products displayed for sale)
was won by Marigami by Marinella della Toffola for the beautiful floral origami created by her and for the constant research effort through which she renews her commitment in every edition of Orticolario.
A mention was given to All’Origine by Davide Mariani and Silvia Ghirelli for the demanding and constant search for vintage objects displayed with a skilful harmony.

The “Best plants set-up Award” for the best nursery farmer exhibiting space
was won by I Giardini e le fronde by Lucia Mazzarello and Stefano Ruhe for “Hide and seek with the juggler” that well interprets the theme of the year and harmonically presents a large collection of apple trees with small fruits and other tree and autumn species.
A mention was given to Cappellini Lazzaro for creating an immersive garden full of luxuriant species of trees with an exotic look.
A mention was given to Vivaio Anna Peyron by Saskia Pellion di Persano for recreating the suggestion of an autumn garden at the height of its splendour.

Special mention to Lariosaurus, or the “good dragon”, by Massimo Caporali for giving soul and shape to the ‘genius loci’ and letting us rediscover the ancient game of marbles on the sand.

The President Award was won by Sgaravatti Group for the large collection of Hibiscus rosa chinensis known to the public as “flower of happiness”.
Sgaravatti Group brought such a large number of varieties to Orticolario 2018 to form a collection of Hibiscus rosa chinensis among the richest and most precious in Italy.

Creative Spaces

The Creative Spaces Committee evaluates the works according to different criteria including: correspondence between the presented project and its realization, quality and attention to detail, balance between shapes and volumes, lights and colours, communication skills/empathy, innovative materials, ‘genius loci’, design idea, eco-sustainability, consistency with the theme, historical and artistic references.

Coordinators Ivan Bellini, Friend of Orticolario and Giovanni Rossoni, Professor at Fondazione Minoprio
Jurors: Annie Guilfoyle, Landscaper, Journalist of Garden Illustrated, Attilio Marasco, Photographer, Gildo Spagnolli, Director of Giardineria in the city of Bolzano, Rossana Porta, Project manager and garden builder, Andrea Chiodi, Theatre director and artistic director assistant for the prose section of Lac of Lugano, Jean-Luc Pasquier, Landscaper, journalist and photographer.

Awards and prizes

The “La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award for the best exhibit
was won by Spazio Green Passion “La Topitta” (5). Project by Leonardo Magatti. Cernobbio (Co).
The jury appreciated the ability to create a space evoking the world of fairy tales and childhood, using natural materials that have always been used for the construction of games in the woods and gardens, recycled materials with an antique charm.

The award is designed and made exclusively for Orticolario by Gino Seguso of the Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso. | |
Vase blown on the island of Murano (Venice) on which a large leaf with “hints” of pure gold (24K) floats.
After a few months, the winner will return the prize that will be exhibited at Villa Carlotta on Lake Como until the next edition.

The other awards for Creative Spaces

The 2018 Creative Spaces will be awarded with ceramic sculptures signed by “Le Terre della Torre”, designed and made exclusively for Orticolario. | |

The “Experience Award” for the best space at telling story…communicating…moving
was won by “spLaYce ship” (1) . Project by Mirco Colzani. Paina di Giussano (Mb)
For creating a curious path, made of concealments, in a perfect and essential space for those who love having fun in close contact with nature, like children, who were invited to play with a funny wireless phone.

The “Art Award” for a space where art and nature and even different languages coexist in balance
was won by Spazio Fratelli Leonelli Manutenzione e cura del Paesaggio “Good Vibrations” (2). Project by Stefania Pluchino . Castelletto Sopra Ticino (No)
For interacting between prints, instruments and visitors, through the use of musical instruments, innovative materials, in an entirely immersive and stimulating path, with all the senses in balance with the pre-existing nature in the park.

“Great Italian Gardens Award” for a space where shapes and light best express tradition and innovation. Judith Wade, Founder of Grandi Giardini Italiani
Won by “spLaYce ship” (1). Project by Mirco Colzani. Paina di Giussano (Mb)

“Villa d’Este Award” where style and elegance combine in a timeless tradition. Danilo Zucchetti, General manager of Villa d’Este
Won by  Spazio Associazione Animum Ludendo Coles “Chi semina gioco raccoglie un animo fiorente e rigoglioso” (4). Project by Furio Ferri. Lodi

“Villa Carlotta Award” to promote art in the garden, where nature and human ingenuity may harmoniously coexist. Maria Vittoria Bianchini, Agricultural businesswoman and President of Villa Carlotta
Won by Spazio Fratelli Leonelli Manutenzione e cura del Paesaggio “Good Vibrations” (2) . Project by Stefania Pluchino. Castelletto Sopra Ticino (No)

“Gardenia Award” to the “memorable” nursery, exhibitor or installation of the Orticolario edition. Emanuela Rosa-Clot, Journalist, editor of the magazines Gardenia, Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa and In Viaggio
Won by Spazio Green Passion “La Topitta” (5) . Project by Leonardo Magatti. Cernobbio (Co)
For skilfully reminding us of play – the fairytale house in the woods;  the choice of both shrub and herbaceous species; the harmonious blend and arrangement of flowering plants –  a mini prairie with calm tones moving with the wind; the attention to detail, from the fragrant fog of the forest to the mulching. In short, everything a garden should have.

“Footprint Award” for the innovative materials and eco-sustainability. The work is evaluated by accredited journalists
Won by Spazio Green Passion La Topitta” (5). Project by Leonardo Magatti. Cernobbio (Co)

Visitors’ Committee
“Visitors’ choice Award” for the garden or installation voted by Orticolario visitors
Won by Spazio Green Passion La Topitta” (5). Project by Leonardo Magatti. Cernobbio (Co)

Among the voting, every visitor  enter the “Vote your favourite creative space” contest to win a Yoyo by Fitt extensible hose for irrigation and a consultation of the “CasaFacile” magazine for garden or terrace carried out by the team of designers Lefty Gardens.
The winner is Mr. Arturo Mattucci from Como.
Winners of 2017 edition are published on “Archives”. Winners of previous editions are online inside “Archivio edizioni” of Italian website.