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Committees, evaluation process and award 2019


In order to spread culture and passion for an avant-gardening, to stimulate a high-quality production and presentation, exhibition spaces will be judged by two Committees:
a. Technical Committee will judge variety as well as the rarity of arboreal specimens of the collection, attention to research and detail, etc.
b. Aesthetic Committee will judge staging of spaces, as well as lighting solutions, awarding the best set-up.

The top three awarded by each Committee will be highlighted on next-year event Catalogue, recognisable by the “Excellency” label.

It is recommended a correct labelling of each arboreal sample, as well as a harmonic staging as a whole.

The 2019 Awards

The awards were conceived, created and delivered by Gianmaria Aprile and Agnes Duerrschnabel.

Technical Committee (only for nursery farmers)
Coordinator Alberto Grossi, Plantsman
Jurors: Gianfranco Giustina, Curator of the gardens of the Borromean Islands, Enrico Mailli, Horticulturalist and gardener at Zen Garden, Gaetano Zoccali, Journalist, Martina Schullian, Owner of Gärtnerei Schullian Floricultura Bolzano, Andreas Honegger, Journalist,  Valter Angeli, Botanist and Landscape design consultant, Gabriele Cantaluppi, Agronomist.

The “Collection Award” for the most impressive collection was won by Vivai Veimaro for the vast assortment of well-cultivated plants in line with the theme of the year, berries and minor fruits, with particular emphasis on fifty varieties of blueberry.
Mention to Maurizio Feletig for the berry plants, a philosophy and passion brought to the attention of the general public.
Mention to Fondazione Minoprio for the pumpkins in different shapes and colours with particular attention to labelling.

The “Super specimen award”
was won by Il Giardino for oxydendrum arboreum, a small tree of American origin rarely used, with a spectacular autumnal colouring.
Mention to Varesina Orchidee for cattleia maxima.
Mention to Florservice for abromeitiella chloramtha.

The “Rarity Award” for the best plant (new or rare)
was won by Water Nursery for ninfea “detective erika”, for the colour, shape and size of tropical water lilies, transposed into a rustic cv.
Mention to Green Service for sedum takesimemse “atlantis”, a captivating plant for rustic environments, which will be proposed to the Italian public in 2020.

Aesthetic Committee
Coordinators Corrado Tagliabue, Architect
Jurors: Ernesto Minotti, Friend of Orticolario, Monica Ranzi, Writer, Davide Maietti, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli of Como, Lucilla Zanazzi, Writer.

The “Best set-up Award” for the best set-up (garden or presentation of products in the context of a “structured” set-up) was won by L’Erbaio della Gorra for the extraordinary monochromatic visual impact and the harmonious composition in the park.

The “Best products set-up Award” for the best non-nursery farmer exhibition space (a simple but effective and harmonious arrangement of the products displayed for sale) was won by Vivaio di Vetiver for the versatility and imagination of the plant that makes it pleasant to the touch and smell.
Mention to Djilene Creations for using an unusual material (fishing line) suitable for the application of colours to the land of origin, which combines creativity and manual skills with social commitment.

The “Best plants set-up Award” for the best nursery farmer exhibiting space was won by Zanelli Mauro e C. Soc. Agr. for the elegance, harmony and assortment of the exhibited species.

Honorable mention to Bus Garden
Project by ASF Autolinee . Como
and Leonardo Magatti | Vivai La Siepe . Montano Lucino (Co)
It represents the restoration of nature, a sort of “counter-anthropocene”: in this installation a great variety of plants finds its way in a work created by man, giving life to a travelling garden.
“Travel”, the theme of the edition, has been interpreted with a message to be kept in mind and cherished every day, a warning for today and tomorrow.

Creative Spaces

The Creative Spaces Committee evaluates the works according to different criteria including: correspondence between the presented project and its realization, quality and attention to detail, balance between shapes and volumes, lights and colours, communication skills/empathy, innovative materials, ‘genius loci’, design idea, eco-sustainability, consistency with the theme, historical and artistic references.

The 2019 Awards

The “La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award for the best exhibit was won by “Move n’ Meet” (3). Project by Mirco Colzani. Giussano (Mb)
The jury appreciated the great skill in the use of different materials and in the search for plants. The audacious combination of common and unusual plants in a contemporary context creates a travel through space and time.

The award is designed and made exclusively for Orticolario by Gino Seguso of the Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso. | |
Vase blown on the island of Murano (Venice) on which a large leaf with “hints” of pure gold (24K) is floating.
After a few months, the winner will return the prize that will be exhibited at Villa Carlotta on Lake Como until the next edition.

Mentions to Creative Spaces 2019

The Creative Spaces jury gave a special mention to:  “Musa Ventosa” (4) for representing with a good quality of realization the theme of travel in an empathetic and captivating set-up that enhances unusual plant elements.
“Black Garden – viaggio negli inferi” (7) for declining the theme of travel with an unconventional aspect which surely has an emotional impact and involvement.
“Tree of Knowledge [Tok]” (6) for a realization of great visual impact that emphasizes the surrounding space and for the use of unusual elements
Spazio City Garden “Parametric Russian Garden” (8) for the beauty and power of the installation referring to the travel to evocative distant landscapes to be discovered.

The other awards for Creative Spaces 2019

The “Experience Award” for the best space at telling story…communicating…moving was won by “Time Travel” (2) . Project by Nicoletta Matteazzi Garden Design & Landscape Architecture. Treviso e Londra
For their ability to evoke the golden age of botanical collecting.

The “Art Award” for a space in which the balance between art and nature coexists, where different languages find effective synthesis

Won by “5” (5). Project by Mario Mariani. Galliate (No)
For the quality of the plant material, the rich range of colour combinations and the relationships between spaces and volumes.

“Villa d’Este Award” where style and elegance combine in a timeless tradition. Danilo Zucchetti,  General manager of Villa d’Este
Won by “Time Travel” (2) . Project by Nicoletta Matteazzi Garden Design & Landscape Architecture. Treviso e Londra
The jury voted “Time Travel” as the best project, believing that it fully reflects the uniqueness of Villa d’Este, where the factor of timeless elegance is certainly the most precious element, greatly appreciated by the guests who, when crossing the revolving door of the hotel, leave behind the contemporary world to immerse themselves in a splendid past, made of antique furniture and works of art.
So, as is the case for “Time Travel”, also Villa d’Este allows you to travel through time, immersed in an experience for all senses in the lush gardens, with flowers of intense scents … a place of peace, contemplation and inspiration, a pleasure for the eyes and for the soul that inspired generations of artists, illustrious guests and customers, who return each year to live this experience on our magnificent lake.

“Villa Carlotta Award” to promote art in the garden, where nature and human ingenuity may harmoniously coexist. Maria Angela Privitera, Director of Villa Carlotta
Won by “Time Travel” (2) . Project by Nicoletta Matteazzi Garden Design & Landscape Architecture. Treviso e Londra

“Gardenia Award” to the “memorable” nursery, exhibitor or installation of the Orticolario edition. Emanuela Rosa-Clot, Journalist, editor of the magazines Gardenia, Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa and In Viaggio
Won by “5” (5) . Project by Mario Mariani. Galliate (No)
The jury appreciated the over 400 species presented in the creative space, a travel across the five continents, but also into colours, as on the wings of phantasmagoric butterflies, and into the extraordinary biodiversity of our gardens. Very high quality of the specimen exposed, cultivated by Central Park nursery, G.B. Mauri e Figli e Fratelli Gramaglia. Excellent realization, with the precious support of Matteo Boccardo, Maria Teresa D’Agostino and Grandiflora by Matteo Radaelli.

“Journalists’ Award” for the innovative materials and eco-sustainability. Evaluation carried out by the accredited press
Won by  “5” (5). Project by Mario Mariani. Galliate (No)

“AIAPP Matilde Marazzi Award” for an innovative space and contextually consistent with the themes of Simplicity, Beauty, Sustainability, which are fundamental qualities in landscape design, from the garden to the park, the city and beyond. Luigino Pirola, President of AIAPP
Won equally by “Time Travel” (2) . Project by Nicoletta Matteazzi Garden Design & Landscape Architecture. Treviso e Londra
and “Move n’ Meet” (3) . Project by Mirco Colzani. Giussano (Mb)

Visitors’ Committee
“Visitors’ choice Award”
for the garden or installation voted by Orticolario visitors.
The most voted creative space is “Tree of Knowledge [Tok]” of the New York Nomad Studio

Winners of 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions are published on “Archives”. Winners of previous editions are online inside “Archivio edizioni” of Italian website.