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Committees, evaluation process and winners 2017


In order to spread culture and passion for this kind of gardening, to stimulate a high-quality production and presentation, exhibition spaces will be judged by two Committees:

a. Technical Committee will judge variety as well as the rarity of arboreal specimens of the collection, attention to research and detail, etc.
b. Aesthetical Committee will judge staging of spaces, as well as lighting solutions, awarding the best set-up.

The top three awarded by each Committee will be highlighted on next-year event Catalogue, recognisable by the “Excellency” label.

It is recommended a correct labelling of each arboreal sample, as well as a harmonic staging as a whole.

Awards and prizes

“La mano chiromantica del giardiniere” is the sculpture dedicated to winners among exhibitors. They are designed and crafted by the artist Giovanni Tamburelli |

Technical Committee (regards only nursery farmers)

“Collection Award” goes to the most impressive collection
to Vendita piccoli, Montichiari (Bs)

Honorable mention to  Il Giardino delle Essenze Perdute, Borsano di Busto Arsizio (Va)
Honorable mention
to Paysage à manger, Fontainemore (Ao)
Honorable mention to Le monde des sempervivum, Vienne (France)

“Super specimen Award”
A&G Floroortoagricola, 
Sanremo (Im)

Honorable mention to Oscar Tintori Vivai, Pescia (Pt) because of Citrus Medica var. sarcodactylus, known as Mano di Buddha
Honorable mention to Alexandre Thomas, Grignenseville (France) because of  Osmanthus fragans
Honorable mention to Compagnia del Lago Maggiore, Verbania (Vb) because of Camellia sasanqua‘Cleopatra’

“Rarity Award” goes to the best plant, because new or rare
to Braun Pia, Eyragues (France) because of Vitex rotundifolia.

Honorable mention Ex Equo to
Bonini Ezio Agricoltura, Pescia (Pt) Polianthes tuberosa.
Un quadrato di giardino, Podenzano (Pc) Caryopteris divaricata suffrutice.

Aesthetical Committee
“Best set-up Award” 
goes to the best set-up (garden or products shown presented with a previous project)
to Alexandre Thomas, Grignenseville (France)

“Best products set-up Award” goes to the best non-nursery farmer exhibition space  (a simple but effective and harmonious disposition of products on show)
to  The Bis: Monica Bispo, Carpenedolo (Brescia), and Officinando di Sarcinelli Anna(Cremona)

“Best plants set-up Award” goes to the best nursery farmer exhibiting space
to Green Service, Vaprio d’Adda (Milan)

Honorable mention “Best set-up” to Az. Florovivaistica F.lli Leonelli, Castelletto Sopraticino (No)
Honorable mention “Best products set-up” to Michael Michaud, Bad Schmiederberg (Germany)
Honorable mention“Best plants set-up” to L’Oasi Aromatica, Cona (Venice)
Honorable mention to the art installation “Alta Marea: le balene cantano alla Luna” by Stefano Prina e Cristina Mazzucchelli

“Creative Spaces” 2017

Creative Spaces Committee will judge creations following parameters which will be published on the competition announcement for the International Competition “Creative Spaces” for Orticolario 2017.

Awards and prizes

“La foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award
Win by Spazio Garden Lignano “Ciclicità lunare” (6) . Designed by Roberto Landello . Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud)

Conceived and realised exclusively for Orticolario by Gino Seguso of Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso, the prize is a curvaceous vase blown on Murano island (Venice) in which floats a golden leaf decorated with gold
| |

Other 2017  Creative Spaces awards are the artworks Nanã, craftmade by ceramic designer Monica Bispo | | |

“Experience Award” goes to the space that best can tell a story…communicates…touches
Won by  “Dentro alla Luna” (8) . Design and realisation by Daniela Piazza . Balerna (Switzerland)

“Art Award”  goes to space where art and nature and even different languages coexist in the best way
Won by Spazio Green Bricks “Allunaggio” (4) . Designed by Monica Botta . Bellinzago Novarese (No)

“Great Italian Gardens Award”goes to space where shapes and light best express tradition and innovation altogether
Won by Spazio Archiverde “Moonlight Garden” (2) . Designed by Leonardo Magatti . Cernobbio (Co)

 “Essence Award” goes to the space that best understands the theme of the edition
Won by Spazio Green Service “Metamorfosi” (7) . Designed by Il papavero blu . Longone al Segrino (Co)

Press Committee
“Footprint Award”
goes to space best designed with a specific attention to the materials innovation and environmental sustainability. Exhibit is evaluated by accredited journalists
Won by Spazio Archiverde “Moonlight Garden” (2) . Designed by Leonardo Magatti . Cernobbio (Co)

“President’s Award”
Won by Spazio Archiverde “Moonlight Garden” (2) . Designed by Leonardo Magatti . Cernobbio (Co)

Visitors’ Committee
“Visitors’ choice Award”
 goes to the exhibits chosen by Orticolario visitors.
Won by Spazio Archiverde “Moonlight Garden” (2) . Designed by Leonardo Magatti . Cernobbio (Co)

Visitors could vote competing Creative Spaces through welcoming coupon at every creative spaces entrance. All info and  voting modalities are  available on the coupon.
Voting, they participated in  “Vota il tuo Spazio Creativo Preferito” Contest, winning a  Orticolario Be Me by Mantero Seta.
The winner is Mrs. Fabrizia Romanatti, Como.

Winners of previous editions are online inside “Archivio edizioni” of Italian website.