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Cinesalotto 2018

Cinesalotto 2018

“(…) the magic circle, the temple, the scene, the film screen, (…), both in form and in function they are playing places, that is, a delimited space, segregated, enclosed and consecrated places, with their own and special rules. They are provisional worlds within the ordinary world, intended to carry out a self-contained action”. (Homo ludens by J. Huizinga)

The stories in the short films of Cinesalotto 2018, some amusing and funny, others ironic, artistic or poetic, tell of men and gardens, of very personal ways of relating to the world outside one’s home.

But that’s not all!
Cinesalotto 2018 is part of the“La Piccola Bottega degli Eroi” exhibition by Foto Marvellini.

A bit to laugh and a bit to think, with Nature and Play to start dreaming again.

The titles and the plots

Great Gardens: Las Pozas
By Toby Amies, UK, 2017, 5’
Playing with the garden? Some do it in an odd, eccentric, rich and surrealist contact with nature.
A place where you can get lost, without any reference points.
Poetic, visionary, artistic.

Symphony No. 42
By Réka Bucsi, Hungary, 2014, 9’
Man and nature are not that different: everything is pervaded with questions, irony and a paradoxical anguish starting from the discovery of how the universe works.
Visionary, experimental, surprising.

Great Gardens: Jardin en Cévennes
By Toby Amies, UK, 2017, 4’
In the south of France, amid the Cévennes, a playful look on the garden of Chanel designer Pascal Brault.
His philosophy: playing – “but you can just play, because, like children, you enter the jungle” – and letting grow – “I create something and then I say: ok, play!”.
Free, seductive, restful

Plastic bag
By Ramin Bahrani, USA, 2009, 17’
An emotional journey in the emotionality of a plastic bag. To change your point of view and remember not to take anything for granted. Playing with imagination and poetry to redesign our relationship with the world.
Poetic, ironic, ingenious.

Great Gardens: The Cotubín Family Haven
By Albert Moya, UK, 2014, 4’
The landscape designer Luis González-Camino opens up his garden, among mirrors and perspectives, forms and visions.
Poetic, artistic, illusory.

Until there – A Mongolian tale
By Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle, Mongolia and France, 2016, 7’
The journey is for a dreamer-traveler who gets lost in time and space.
Poetic, revealing, visual.

Great Gardens: Trematon Castle
By Johnnie Shand Kydd, UK, 2016, 4’
One of Nature’s favorite games is the erotic and sexual play. Spring is nothing but a great erotic game, in a hymn to one of the most beautiful and eccentric gardens in England.
Libertine, funny, irreverent.

The Cosmic Dope – A Plant Experience
By CLEMENTE, Brazil, 2018, 4’
A fake fourth episode of a sci-fi of the 60s: a visual quote, an irreverent journey through many possible worlds … all thanks to a plant!
Ironic, artistic, funny.

Great Gardens: Glin Castle
By Stella Scott, UK, 2017, 3’
A castle and a garden to play hide and seek. The FitzGerald family and their paradise.
Poetic, visual, dreamy.

“Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, quattro secoli di storia, un viaggio nel tempo tra delizie arte e giochi d’acqua” 
Directed and written by Francesco Vitali with the collaboration of Claudia Botta
Produced by Francesco Vitali, Municipality of Lainate, Associazione Amici di Villa Litta Onlus and Giuseppe Riva
Italy, 2018, 10’
Extract of the documentary film during of Orticolario 2018.

Project at the dungeons entry by
Laveno Mombello (Va)

Furnishings by
Imola (Bo)

Special thanks to
Ristorante Gnocchetto
Tavernerio (Co)

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