Christmas with Camellia
Ph. Anna Rapisarda

A symbol of admiration and perfect union, a messenger of good luck

It is a winter evening, the wind is blowing strongly, an Italian friend of yours is in front of the fireplace with a warm and fragrant cup of white tea prepared with the tenderest buds of his plantation… just outside his door.
It is neither a joke nor a dream: it is his Camellia sinensis plant that, in addition to making his garden or terrace more elegant, gives him the pleasure of sipping “his  tea”, an Italian, quality and zero-km one.

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This refined and elegant camellia, from whose leaves the most widespread drink in the world is obtained, was born on the tea plantation of the Compagnia del Lago Maggiore, the largest in continental Europe.

With its many buds, which bloom from November to January in snow-white flowers to the delight of eyes and bees, it is a Christmas gift with many meanings: it symbolizes a feeling of esteem, gratitude and admiration; between lovers it represents the perfect union, given to a man it is a messenger of good luck.

And they lived happily ever after…

It is a resistant plant and the lake climate is appropriate for it. Place it in a non-calcareous soil and if the vase is the home you have chosen for it, leave it in the shade. It will thrive and make him happy, giving more and more buds with each harvest.


Cost: Euro 30,00* including an exclusive package of “Compagnia del Lago” tea and an “Orticolario Collection” bag
Sizes and characteristics: height 50 cm, in a 18 cm pot, rich in buds and with flowers. If it left to grow freely, it will become a tree that can reach six metres in height in a century.
Flowering: November to January
Harvest: from April to September. If you prune the plant and collect the most tender leaves, it will be stimulated to make new shoots. From the first harvest you can get a teapot that will increase every year.
Processing and tasting: >advice from Compagnia del Lago Maggiore
Contacts: +39.031.3347503 .

Booking and Payment

For information and reservations please write to
Both collection and home delivery are available only in Italy.

Collection and Shipping

From December 8th
– collection at Mantero Outlet
Via Riccardo Mantero 4, 22070 Grandate (Co) (Italy)
Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm
– home delivery only in Italy
with the additional cost of Euro 10.00

* The initiative is one of the activities that support the “Amici di Orticolario” Fund which collects donations destined for the development of cultural and social projects and the initiatives of charitable associations that collaborate with Orticolario.