“Capitolo 7”

Orticolario 2022 . Creative Spaces n°1 "Capitolo 7" by Mario Mariani

The concept

‘Why does a crow look like a desk?’
– Dedicated to Alice in Wonderland –
Rationality and imagination collide along the path of aging without becoming an adult. The surreal struggle between rationality and imagination is represented in this garden.
From above the fronds of the tree ferns intimately envelop the scene while below the garden is surrounded by charred woods. The glaucous grasses lean on the black trunks. Every pattern is broken, The Hatter’s table is divided in half.

Project by
Mario Mariani . Galliate (No) . mariomariani.studio

Companies that contribute to the realization of the project

Plants nurtured by
Vivaio Central Park . Galliate (No) . mariomariani.studio

The interview