“Botonda. L’isola che non c’era”

“Botonda. L’isola che non c’era”
Illustration by Laura Nelzi

Park, Via alla Darsena

“Botonda. L’isola che non c’era”

“Botonda. The island that wasn’t there”

A garden telling an unprecedented fairy tale written by Anna Gorgoglione and illustrated by Paola Sala. Set on Lake Como, it is a story of mermaids, of their beauty and magic, telling the true origin of the Comacina Island.
In the blue of the lake waters the little Botonda mermaid is born, different from all the others: plump, ugly, out of tune.
After many difficulties, she manages to transform herself into a wonderful island that smells of nature thanks to the passion and joy of the children.

Iron, natural elements and ceramics make up the garden-tale partly overlooking the lake and partly inside the lake.
Surprisingly, a narrator envelops customers and travellers in a magical and vibrant story.

Designed and made by

Creative blacksmiths
Paolo Arrigoni and Fabio Mognoni | Arrigoni Ernesto & Figli
Veniano (Co)

Laura Nelzi
Lentate sul Seveso (Mb)
IG: @lauranelzi

Giorgio Schiavio | Il giardino dei semplici

Amalia Tarantola | Ristorante Tarantola
Appiano Gentile (Co)

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