“Black Garden – viaggio negli Inferi”

The concept

Black Garden is an infernal garden inspired by Dante, a descent into the underworld aiming at generating anxiety in the passing visitor, who at his own risk must cross the portal, avoid a beast and face inhospitable vegetation made of black leaves, burnt earth, hooked vine shoots, thorny capsules and vegetable elements normally not used all together in a garden, but which evoke a dreamlike atmosphere for a journey into an unusual beauty.

Design and set up
Davide Cerruto e Walter Coccia. Monza (Mb) . leftygardens.com
Emanuela Missanelli e Daniela Colombara. Abbiategrasso (Mi) . denoristudio.it


Set up
Cecco Giardini . Lissone (Mb) – Cecconi Alessandro

Plants nurtured by
Piante Mati . Pistoia (Pt) . piantemati.com

Nephos Swiss Fog . Bellinzona . nephos.ch

Metal elements
Alp . Misinto (Mb) . alpmetalfab.it

Anna Turina . Santa Maria Hoè (Lc)

Events in the space

Fumo e fiamme

Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th, October, unannounced time
Enveloped in smoke, Dante’s voice echoes and guides through the “infernal” garden

Saturday, October 5th, at 1.00 p.m

In the forest dark, the professional actor Claudio Migliavacca interprets pieces from Dante’s Inferno

The Interview