…  landscape culture and social issues

Orticolario was born in 2009, when a group of friends, united by the passion for gardens, arts and our territory, started a cultural event with charitable purposes.

The Amici di Orticolario Fund, established at the Fondazione Provinciale della Comunità Comasca, collects all donations for the development of small and large cultural and social projects.

The double value of a donation to the Amici di Orticolario Fund

All the contributions collected have a double value and allow:

to create a cultural event, which promotes the culture of the landscape, enhancing the territory, and highlights the benefits of experiencing nature and the garden inhabited and invaded by arts and beauty.

to support the projects with a social purpose linked to associations operating in our area and collaborating with the event.

The initiatives

Thanks to the donations received, Orticolario’s constant commitment has also materialized in the implementation of awareness and empowerment initiatives regarding the ecosystem. For example, the Società Italiana di Arboricoltura (S.I.A.) created a recreational educational project that communicates the importance of the protection and correct management of trees.

To support social projects, during the 2019 edition, thanks to the various charity initiatives a total of Euro 23,600.00 were collected and assigned to five Como associations.

The donations are tax deductible

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Orticolario Associations

Abio Como onlus
Support for hospitalized children and adolescents and their families
Support for the online promotional activity of the event
Support for children’s area and library
Supported project: redevelopment of a paediatric area –  S. Antonio Abate Hospital in Cantù

Ass. Volontari – Pronto Soccorso – P. A. Croce Azzurra – onlus
Emergency-urgency services, support and health training
Support for the online promotional activity of the event
Medical assistance during the event

Support in guided visits to the park
Supported project: development of an operation centre for sorting requests through the Plinning system

Gruppi di Volontariato Vincenziano
Support activities for families and needy
Support activities during the event
Supported project: purchase of essential goods for children, elderly and families

Cooperativa Sociale Sim-patia
Health residence and day centre for the care of the disabled
Support for the online promotional activity of the event
Creative workshops for children
Supported project: purchase of the NOUS BLINK programme dedicated to people with communication disabilities

Società Cooperativa Sociale “Il Sorriso” onlus
Socio-educational reception centre for the disabled
Support in the guided tours in Villa Antica and in the collateral activities
Supported project: continuation of the theatre therapy project