“Atro. The Dark Side of the Plants”

"Atro. The Dark Side of the Plants” at Orticolario 2022

Cernobbio Wing, Patio dei Faggi

“Atro. The Dark Side of the Plants”

“I climbed the beanstalk and saw a world of plants. I plunged into the depths and saw a world of roots that give life”
(Carla Testori)

Nature offers leaves, flowers, colours, scents, roots. A beauty behind which the invisible is hidden: magic, ancient divine and dark power.
Exciting, givers of life and death, of dreams and charm, protectors from evil spirits, plants are mediators of the supernatural. Among ancient rituals and magical potions, they tell the long story they share with man. Silent warriors and free spirits, they descend to the underworld and reach up to heaven.

“Atro” presents the visible and the invisible: from the mythical Mandrake to the Kuzu, the magic bean, …
An incredible, but terribly true garden.

Project by
Carla Testori | Studio Verde e Paesaggio
Vertemate con Minoprio (Co)

Plants nurtured by & collaboration with
Fondazione Minoprio
Vertemate con Minoprio (Co)

Mandrake by
Vivaio Zanelli
Montichiari (Bs)

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