Art with “Sirena”

Central Pavilion, in the installation “L’Isola del tesoro”


“Art is the most exciting mission of man in his quest to understand the universe and to make it understood by others”
(Romano Battaglia)

Galleria Galp presents “Sirena” by Luigi Galligani.

The mermaid, that is how our senses trick us into leaving the straight path. Enchanting and seductive, it carries ships and men off course.
In Golfo della Sirena, on “L’Isola del tesoro”, the sculpture of Luigi Galligani is a high and cultured provocation, planning to let man find the truth again, together with the dignity to continue his journey in the right direction.

In Galligani’s work the bodies and mythological references are at the centre of our eyes, discussing beauty in its implications.
Art is not imitation, but illusion and contemplation. It is the pleasure of a spirit that penetrates the mystery of nature and discovers that it has a soul, too.

Witnesses of a distant time, his sculptures tell the story of a secret long hidden in the depths of the earth, among the remains of disappeared civilizations.
They seem to say: “Perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add to the matter, but only when there is nothing left to be taken away”. (Romano Battaglia)

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