Art with “Salvia immortalis”

A Orticolario 2018 con "Salvia immortalis" di Stéphane Casali, Philippe Claudel e Barbara Negretti

Ph. Stéphane Casali. Mask by Philippe Claudel

In Lario Wing, Serra Platani

Usually Stéphane Casali takes pictures of plants or bodies, naked …
Usually Philippe Claudel takes pictures of vegetables and creates masks with them …
Usually Barbara Negretti designs and creates gardens …

For Orticolario 2018 they chose to meet around sage and mix their experiences.
So Philippe created sage masks, flowers, seeds, roots
coming to life on dancers, bodies, nudes …
Stéphane caught the moment of the fusion in a photograph: the sage is on the bodies and its soul invades them, so much so that they will carry its trace, forever …

Barbara created the setting for the meeting: masks and photographs populate Serra Platani with a collection of aromatic sages having intense aromas and colors.
The style is bohemian, between old velvets and furnishings. A relaxed and sociable place where one can dedicate time to the pleasure of art and nature.

Photos by

Masks by
Philippe-H. Claudel

Space project by
Barbara Negretti
Fino Mornasco (Co)

Collection of aromatic sages nurtured by
Sanremo (Im)

Furnishings by
Il était une fois
Cassina Rizzardi (Co)