Art with “ooomm”

Stefano Ogliari Badessi a Orticolario 2018 con "ooomm"

Preliminary studies

In the Central Pavilion

Entering a work of art that is above our head and under our feet, and being completely surrounded by it.
These are S.O.B.’s large inflatable and immersive installations. Stefano Ogliari Badessi plays with light, transparency, form and color. Thanks to this new perspective in sculpture, he can explore the relationships between people, culture, objects and space, to make art anywhere and with any material.

The journey is an art that nourishes imagination with experiences. Stefano puts it in his suitcase and each time narrates his surroundings.

From the Shanghai experience, where pollution and disproportionate development lead the artist to use common materials such as plastic bags and adhesive tape, up to Orticolario with “ooomm”, his first silk installation.
A work which is a tribute to the silkiness of the Larian territory inviting us to yield to our emotions.
Reflection, meditation, few, very few words, so that the mind can travel far in thoughtless awareness.
A long thread that goes along the Silk Road and arrives at Villa Erba.

Here is the intertwining of Mantero Seta, Orticolario, Art, which without nature would have never happened.

Some events are planned inside the work.
> “Yoga in opera”
> “Bagno di gong”

Sound environment

Claudia Ferretti and Alessandro Pedretti created a sound environment specifically for “ooomm”, which will envelop the entire central pavilion. It consists of four movements linked to each other and inspired by silk and play, as knowledge of one’s senses and a moment of transition and inner discovery, and by nature and its importance within a growth path. The physical passage from inside to outside the work inspires a sound path leading to a suspended atmosphere. The sensory experience becomes a guide to meditation and self-knowledge.

Stefano Ogliari Badessi

Silk by
Mantero Seta*

Plants nurtured by
Mati 1909*

Sounds by
Claudia Ferretti
Alessandro Pedretti
Clap music .

Sound and lights
Laveno Mombello (Va)

Turf by
Società Agricola Il Tappeto Erboso*
Orsenigo (Co)

Pillows by
Bassano del Grappa (Vi)