Art with “Le balene nel salone”

Ph. Anna Rapisarda

Villa Antica, Central hall

“Le balene nel salone”
(Whales in the living room)

The works of the artist Nicola Salvatore never go in the same direction, but “travel” traversing and exploring all the possible experiences and places of art.

“I found my artistic, but also my human refuge, in the whale. It is at the same time a mammal and a monument to mammals, and above all the most legendary and evocative creature populating the seas. The whale, the mythical animal of an immense territory, has become the protagonist of the territory of my art. I travel within her and talk with her.
With ‘Le balene nel salone’ I found myself in a house,
together with so many whales discussing, talking, shouting to each other and sailing with me around the world”. (Nicola Salvatore)

Nicola Salvatore
Como e Marrakech

Silk by
Mantero Seta*

Sound and lighting by
Laveno Mombello (Va)

*exhibitor (> exhibitor catalogue)