Art with “Il viaggio in sé”

Picture “Il viaggio in sé” by Sandro del Pistoia


“Il viaggio in sé”
(The journey in itself)

Inspired by the shapes of the traditional boats of the Inle lake in the mountains of Burma, the artist Sandro Del Pistoia has created the installation “Il viaggio in sé” for Orticolario.
A boat and its boatman, made of wood and silk, have docked and fluctuate in front of Villa Erba in the waters of the Darsena.

A parallel between travel and life.
The artist reflects on how the gesture of navigating embodies a vision capable of freeing us from unnecessary complexities and conflicts, created instead by a dual conception of the mind.

When sailing, wonder and shipwreck merge into each other. We follow the rhythm of the waves, without being afraid of nature and avoiding to challenge it. We do not wonder if the wind comes or goes, but simply, we feel it on our skin.

It is the magic of the journey, in which we are one with our choice of travelling, at peace with what we leave and in accordance with what we will encounter.

The travelling artist
Born in Viareggio, Sandro Del Pistoia is a travelling artist: all around the world, from Italy to China, passing through England, he exhibits his works in personal and collective exhibitions, creating installations and working with several Italian, Spanish and Chinese galleries.
He has arrived at Orticolario 2019 directly from Denmark, where he has participated in a collective exhibition since July.

Sandro Del Pistoia
Pietrasanta (Lu)

Silk and fabrics by
Mantero Seta

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