Art with Stefano Prina and “Alta Marea”

A detail of “Alta Marea”

In the Garden, at the Golfo platani

Alta Marea (High tide) is a chance to the nature, to the oceans where waters flow with the Moon. It is a imaginary escape route from a severely anthropomorphsized world to the sky, to the Moon.

It represents a collective fly, recalling the magic departure on broom sticks in the Vittorio de Sica’s movie ” Miracolo a Milano”. In the movie, they are an handful of dreamers, a group of flying poets in the postwar Milan and fly away from a material world. Today the artist and architect Stefano Prina imagines and conceives the art installation “Alta Marea”: suspended in the natural magic colonnade of Villa Erba centuries-old plane trees, big whales and humpbacks in wood search for clean air and water and wide open spaces which now a polluted world thicker and thicker is enable to offer to those oceanic Leviathans.

Stefano Prina