Art with Roberto Visani and “Genesi”

“Strelizia” . Terracotta painted with acrylic, 22,5 x 22 x 45,5 cm, 2014

Inside Villa Antica basement

“The sees is the magnificence of the world: all the exits, everything, possess a seed”
(René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz)

Roberto Visani travels from macrocosm to a microcosm populated often by invisible and unknown shapes.
It is the millimeter-side seeds’ universe observed by the artist eyesight, interpreted by his hand, his research, his passion, making it visible. Sculptures, made in bronze, stone and terracotta, are vibrant and elegant, essential and archaic,they are works born from the artist incessant materials and techniques researches.
They are sculptures, living beyond their own shapes, beyond their own beauty: they represent a song dedicated to Earth and to its immense creative strength. Visani’s artwork enshrines and, with botanic care, describes the perfection of those diamonds, origin of life itself.

The exhibition “Genesi” astonishes. A orchid’s, a moon-flower’s, a traveller’s tree a seeds are astonishing, with their colours, their unexpected shapes, their unbelievable stories beyond…
Among Visani’s works, during Orticolario the artist exhibits three new seeds: a bronze mirroring Medicago, an onyx Aristolochia odoratissima and “My Love”, a white glazed bronze Halicacabum cardiospermum seed.

Roberto Visani
Carpenedolo (Bs)