Art with Giovanni Tamburelli and “La pelle di Luna”

A detail of “La pelle della Luna”

In the Garden, inside Laghetto delle carpe

A real old legend tells a story: in a dark night a owl was flying silent within the wood, searching for the Moon.
The owl was watching her from afar, so huge, so immense. Sometimes she was appearing among trees, sometimes she disappeared. How she could fly? The owl supposed two big shining and blinding  wings.
Finally he moved close, checked and saw her, in that lake, the one submerged in the wood. There the owl discovered old and wise owls covering her. They are her skin, her eyes, her wings, copious and silente. They held her up over the water. Everything around was quite.

This is the story under the Giovanni Tamburelli art work, “La Pelle di Luna”, designed especially for Orticolario 2017.
Iron, aluminium, bronze with highly tactile surfaces, forged by fire. The same ancient fire moulded The Moon before she became Moon.

Giovanni Tamburelli
Saluggia (Vc)

Light fixtures
Rodengo Saiano (Bs)

With the lighting project by
Ministudio | Architetto Michela Viola . Lighting Designer
Travacò Siccomario (Pv)
FB: Michela Viola

With the haze of
Carnini Irrigazione
Lazzate (Mb)