Art with Dario Ghibaudo and the “Museo di Storia Innaturale”

Museo di Storia Innaturale (Sala XVIII Creature Meravigliose. Sculture da Viaggio)
“Natator Nans”, 2016, porcelain

In the Villa Antica basement

An other universe observed from the Moon.

Born in 1990, constantly growing, the “Museo di Storia Innaturale” (“Museum of Unnatural History”)  by the artist Dario Ghibaudo winds through rooms, dedicated to different fields of scientific research : from Anthropology to Botany, from Entomology to Ethnology.

The Ghibaudo art works towards a possible universe realization. It is an hypothesis of life that lives beyond what has certainly been occurred. His Museum is a kind of Wunderkammer where the installations analyse the relationship between Nature and humans, where the one’s influence could make the other one die.

This ambiguity of the relationship is the bedrock of the artist selection of his own works for Orticolario 2017.
From “Creature Meravigliose” (“Marvelous creatures” ) room he has chosen the extraordinary animals of “Sculture da Viaggio” (” Travelling Sculptures “), unique porcelain specimens with a  structure of plausible fishes, amphibious, birds, mammals, representing the brief evolution process leading to the man.
Moreover hominids derise-looking busts seem making fun of us, and then insects, flowers and plants are transforming till the point they lead the visitor to a personal and private mental dimension.

Dario Ghibaudo