Art with “Rossi sospiri”

Art with "Rossi sospiri"
Lario Wing, Serra Platani

Rossi sospiri
– Red sighs –

A symbol of transience and renewal, in the continuous chromatic metamorphoses of its leaves, maple represents an element of the garden which is highly seductive to the eye.
In a dance rhythmically accompanied by the passing of the seasons, the light cinnabar green turns into the autumn reds of the shades of carmine, dragon blood, Saturn red, cadmium red purple, Mars red, …

The installation “Rossi sospiri” in Serra Platani is a suspended garden, inspired by the Kakemonos, traditional Japanese paintings on silk, cotton or rice paper, hung vertically as furnishing elements, and depicting nature, landscapes, gardens, …

Distant atmospheres, with a strong seductive power, and the spell of colour in the transparency and lightness of the bright materials with the fiery shades of the last autumn gift of these elegant transformers, under whose branches the Japanese aristocrats used to gather to sing and recite love poems.

Project by
Laura Tonani
Coordinator of the two-year course in Theory and Practice of Artistic Therapeutics
Academy of Fine Arts of Brera

Realization of shared work
Students of Artistic Therapeutics
Academy of Fine Arts of Brera

Sponsored by
Academy of Fine Arts of Brera

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