Art with “Quoditianità”

Orticolario 2020 con "Quotidianità" di Francesco Marchini
Dungeons of Villa Antica

– Everyday life –

“Art can reconnect me to nature and reconcile me with it, making pleasure and aesthetic enjoyment of what was previously a source of suffering”
(Francesco Marchini, senior student at the Academy of fine arts of Brera)

An allergy to pollen is the protagonist of a dialogue between man, the environment and nature.
The controversial and daily relationship of a young artist with a personal problem becomes a work, a lens enabling to seize new aspects, seduce and launch into a “hostile” world, rediscovered instead as a creative force.

A concept of intimate landscape: a myriad of pine needles, a metaphor for physical discomfort, symbolically reproduces a roller shutter defending and separating the artist from a nature that the more flees, the more seduces him.
The work is the problem and, at the same time, its solution.

Designed and made by
Francesco Marchini
Senior student at the Academy of fine arts of Brera
“First level academic diploma in painting”
IG: bastard_of_flowers

Sound, fog, lighting by
Laveno Mombello (Va)

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