Art with “528 Hz Re-Fa”

Orticolario 2020. Art with Stefano Ogliari Badessi and "528 Hz Re-Fa"
Villa Antica, Central hall

528 Hz Re-Fa

Organic forms descend from above in the central hall of Villa Antica.
Stefano Ogliari Badessi, the artist of “ooomm” at Orticolario 2018, presents his new installation “528 Hz Re-Fa”.

A work to be observed, while you turn around it. To be touched, brushing its transparent and thin walls. Where you should enter when desire and curiosity become irresistible, in order to discover and be part of a soft and enveloping intimate space.

Feeling at one with it, between sounds and scents, with your hands and body, in the awakening of a forgotten sensitivity, profound feelings, while letting yourself go.

Sliding in the most hidden senses … inebriated and infatuated with beauty, the impulse of seduction.

> Events will take place in the work (news shortly)

Stefano Ogliari Badessi

Fabrics by
Mantero Seta*

Sound and lighting by
Laveno Mombello (Va)

Cushions by
Bassano del Grappa (Vi)

Perfumes by
Le Marchand de Sable*
Musile di Piave (Ve)

(details on space number and location on Catalogue 2020)

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