Among the nurserymen 2018 with Cactusmania

A Orticolario 2018 con Cactusmania. Ph. Luigi Fieni. Modello: Adrien Felicite

Ph. Luigi Fieni. Model: Adrien Felicite with con Rhipsalis puniceodiscus

At Orticolario 2018 with Cactusmania and their Cactaceae, Crassulaceae and Euphorbiaceae

From the small ones to the four-meter-tall specimen, with a circumference up to one meter and a half, the Cactusmania plants coming from Africa, America, Australia and Asia.

And then the shapes, bizarre and elongated – these real living sculptures for collectors are coveted by enthusiasts and sought after by architects and designers.

Cactusmania exhibition space is in the Park.
Number and location: see the map given at the entrance.

Ventimiglia (Im)