Among the new exhibitors 2017 with RIVO Gin


When emotions inspired by mountains, wind and  Como Lake waters are distilled, RIVO Gin was born. RIVO Gin is dedicated to everyone who wants be seduced by a magic wind”

As one of the most beautiful place in the world, ComoLake now is the place where the better Italian gin* was born.

Its name is RIVO and is distilled using 12 botanical specimen, including rare herbs handpicked in the meadows around ComoLake, as thyme wild, lemon balm, savory, Pimpinella anisum…

A magic gin
For centuries, local women have been sought herbs and flowers in the meadows around LakeComo to prepare medicines and cures. History call them witches. We consider them as pioneers of unique potions. RIVO Gin packaging is inspired from this consideration about witches and magic. Geometrical lines chase each others to shape intangible forms, describing in their details two elements of our landscape: mountains and lake waves.

Tasting notes
Floral and fruity notes are combined with a slight bouquet evoking undergrowth. It has a complex flavour but soft, with a spicy and grassy bouquet with floral notes, with a long finish characterised by botanical notes.

* In July 2017 RIVO gin won the “New York intl spirits competition”, awarded as the best Italian Gin of the year.

RIVO Gin di Magi