Among the new 2022 exhibitors with Maurizia Broggi

Among the new 2022 exhibitors with Maurizia Broggi

The blues of the waters of the Lake Como, the greens of the mountains surrounding it, the golden tones of the sunsets and the shades of the morning mists are the source of inspiration for Maurizia Broggi’s paintings.

Paintings on beech boards created through a reinterpretation of the ancient encaustic technique, mixing the oil colours with a paste of beeswax and Damar resin giving the paint brightness with a soft focus for an ethereal feeling.
By working on light layers of paint, the artist obtains the particular and changing atmospheric effects that characterize the Lake Como during the different phases of the day and the seasons.

The Maurizia Broggi exhibition space is in Cernobbio Wing
(details space no. and position on Catalogue 2022)

Maurizia Broggi
Como (Co)
IG: @mauriziabroggi_painting