Among the new 2022 exhibitors with LAPAVERA

Among the new 2022 exhibitors with LAPAVERA

“Weaving the ropes and choosing the colours and textures, I try to give shape to my ideas, but what I love most is being able to work in synergy with the customers, creating together the perfect solution for their home” (Denis)

LAPAVERA is evolution and vision, the story of a boy who becomes a professional weaver always looking a little further.
Colours, materials, textures, creativity and customization are the ingredients of the furnishings designed to meet the most varied tastes.

The common thread is the nautical rope, resistant and suitable for outdoor conditions: armchairs, stools and dividers are the ideal proposals for garden and terrace.
The outdoors are complemented by other ideas and customizable interior materials.

The LAPAVERA exhibition space is in Lario Wing
(details space no. and position on Catalogue 2022)

LAPAVERA | Denis Turci
Reggio Emilia