Among the new 2018 exhibitors with Billy Bolla

Billy Bolla a Orticolario 2018

Billy Bolla’s kits

Step right up!

The exhibition space dedicated to the sale of Billy Bolla’s artistic bubbles kits was designed by DALIA dimensional wall art and refers to the Medicine man, the barker who was a regular fixture in the funfairs of the early 20th century.

A light aerial structure blending among the trees of the Park, between an old trunk and flying bubbles with ceramic seats where you can sit down and attend the explanatory exhibition regarding the use of the kit.

Billy Bolla exhibition space is in the Park.
Number and location: see the map given at the entrance.

Who is Billy Bolla?
The Bubbles’ Tamer
He tours the world with his shows, making and selling complete kits for the creation of giant soap bubbles. The possibility of seeing them used in their multiple creative potentials and being able to try them is what produces a performance that makes children happy and lets adults dream.

And then …
At Orticolario 2018 Billy Bolla’s performance in the DehOr by DALIA dimensional wall art
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Billy Bolla