Among the 2022 exhibitors with Bianca and Me

Handmade soap Bianca and Me at Orticolario 2022

Bianca and Me is a small laboratory of soaps “made like they used to be” with cold saponification and a natural ageing of at least four weeks.
The base is of extra virgin oil produced in the Abruzzo olive groves, while the strictly seasonal recipes are enriched with other precious oils.

Following the leitmotiv of Orticolario 2022 these soap artisans present, in addition to their classics, a special collection dedicated to the Flower Fairies:  lilac, honeysuckle, lily of the valley .… to take a stroll in the garden of time and rediscover our most precious and delicate dreams, those related to childhood and imagination.

The Bianca and Me exhibition space is in Cernobbio Wing
(details space no. and position on Catalogue 2022)

Bianca and Me – Saponi Fatti a Mano
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