Among the 2018 new exhibitors with Jeff Gleich and “The Cosmic Garden”

Tra i nuovi espositori di Orticolario 2018 con Jeff Gleich

Some of the artworks by the artists in “The Cosmic Garden”

At Orticolario 2018 with “The Cosmic Garden”, the exhibition space of Jeff Gleich, independent curator and art advisor, and the artworks by artists from all over the world.

In the lineage of highly respected artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Giuseppe Penone, Yayoi Kusama, Ernst Haeckel, Egon Schiele or Vincent Van Gogh, who interpret nature’s way beyond mere illustration, the creators in “The Cosmic Garden” approach “the beyond” through surreal, other-worldly and cosmic forces in their artistic vision. They provide an alternative perspective on the aesthetics, the cultivation and nurturing of forms inspired by the botanical realm.

Depicted, for example, could be the evolved and bizarrely hybridized plants, trees and cacti by Astrid Köppe (Germany), Kim L Pace (UK) or Daniel Zeller (USA); an appropriated motif of a botanical pattern found in nature by Alexander Ross (USA) or Giles Lyon (USA) or Ruby Palmer (USA); or even the blossoming, never seen before species of flower by Enza Galantini (Italy) or Eunice Choi (Korea/USA); or the reconstructed and modified horticulture of Michael Whittle (UK and Japan), Nikita Alexeev (Russia), Susanna Bauer (UK), the metaphorical drawings of Amy Jean Porter (USA) or collages of Marianne Katser (Italy/Argentina); the visionary dreamscapes of Kinke Kooi or Davor Vrankić (Croatia/France)  also lend themselves to an ultimately otherworldly horticulture. The artworks are made through various media including watercolours, inks, or gouache on paper; painting, photography, collage, or stitching.

New interpretations abound, our potential as a human race strives for heightening our respect for the natural environment.
Artworks in “The Cosmic Garden” hint new interpretations on horticultural practices through the artist’s expression, exploration and creative force.

Jeff Gleich, born in Brooklyn, New York, is an independent curator and art advisor located in Paris (France) and Cernobbio (Italy). He has worked in the art business for the last 25 years working with contemporary artists and continuously maintains an international clientele.

The exhibition space of “The Cosmic Garden” by Jeff Gleich is in Cernobbio Wing.
Number and location: see the map given at the entrance.

Jeff Gleich
Paris . Cernobbio (Co)