Among nursurymen 2017 with Geel Floricultura

In the Park. Among the news of Geel Floricultura, specialised in nurturing and selling unusual, spontaneous and melliferous aromatic plants, here there is Centella asiatica.

“Two leaves a day, keep old age away” (Chinese proverb)

People say tigers healed wounds, rubbing against leaves and elephants eat, becoming long-lived and a good-memory animal. It is considered on the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic medicine, it is mentioned in the sacred medical science texts as a cure for mind and skin dysfunctions.

Centella asiatica is a ground cover perennial herbaceous. Tropical plant, it grows undisturbed and luxuriant closed to humid areas and water, colonizing surroundings with thick carpet of reniform leaves.

Used since time immemorial in China, India and Indonesia, Centella asiatica is considered there an edible plants good for venous insufficiency, varicose veins , stress and cute damage . A proverb reminds “Two leaves a day, keep old age away”:  indeed, traditionally daily consumption of few C. asiatica leaves is used as natural brain stimulant and  able to rejuvenating of brain cells.

Consumed as a vegetable in salads and as used to make beverage and the, this small plant is evaluated so important by locals than is described and  reminded down through generations in their culinary tradition. In this way, in those wise and mysterious society, C. asiatica will remain an elixir of life for millennia.

Geel Floricultura
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