Among nurserymen 2017 with Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani

A Orticolario 2017 con Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani

In the “Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani” Flower Farm

“Technically, a Flower Farm is a place where flowers which will be cut, are nurtured. For us it is a project which combines botanical researches, esthetic, nature-respectful techniques of growing to offer to the clients not only a product, not only a service, but an experience at least”
(Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani)

Not only a nursery, not only a place to project and realised gardens, but a Flower Farm too. This is Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani: during Orticolario 2017 it will present a new project which is taking shape at Eupilio, close to Como.

It will describe itself by a bucolic and exquisite exhibition space, in the park, under a Ginkgo biloba shadow, in front of the lake. A myriad of flowers, leaves, berries, fruits and decorative vegetables, as a little unknown pumpkins’ variety selection, antique and handmade furniture and a resin-moon realised for the occasion by an Space art artist.

Events in the Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani exhibition space

29th September, from 16.00 to 17.30
Merenda farm to table: a cake made with fruits of elderberry, the, drinks made with pomegranate, rhubarb and late raspberries, hazelnuts, …

Floricoltura Cecilia Giussani
Eupilio (Como)
FB: Floricoltura Giussani Cecilia