Among historical 2017 nursery men with Oscar Tintori Vivai

Ph. Luciano Movio

Among citrus trees of Oscar Tintori Vivai, here it is the Lunar Lemon at Orticolario 2017. 
It is ‘Lunar’ because, in its original areas, it blooms every new moon. It is a ‘four season lemon’ because it has flowers every moment in the year.

In the 1899 Vincenzo Riccobono, chief gardener in the Botanical Gardens of Palermo, wrote: ‘this new variety deserves to be large-scale nurtured by all owners of citrus grove, just for fruits copiousness and for continual monthly blossoming. From this the common name Lumiuni lunariu has came.

Oscar Tintori Vivai
Pescia (Pt)