Among exhibitors 2017 with Galp – Galleria La Perla

In Lario Wing with Galp – Galleria La Perla and the latest artistic trends among paintings, sculptures, artworks.

For Orticolario 2017 the gallery Galleria Galp has selected, among its 40 artists- from Christo to Wharol, from Paolo Fresu to Salvatore Fiume -, six contemporaries, fascinating weather neophytes  or  expert collectors. Those two kind of visitors, seemingly so distant, are deeply connected by their ability to recognise the beauty in all its forms.

In the exhibit: paintings of Antonio Massa, with his soft pink,his warm red, his post-romantic flowers, sculptures of Laura Pagliai with her immobilised characters in a daydream, artworks with handmade retouching by Federica Porro, the coloured chaotic painters, with her lightweight dreams,  saturated by a intense red and the light blue of the sea,  sculptures by Silvia Trappa, with her subjects borderline, solidified waiting, unmoving and at the same time unbelievably alive; ironic paintings of di Lisandro Rota.
At the end, Artheline: French-Philippine couple, Arnaud and Adeline, with its cultural and geographic crossroads, with its vivid colours and its soft shapes.

“It is not necessary having deep pockets to start buying art. Instead the precondition is have a deep  sensibility”.

Galp – Galleria La Perla
Olgiate Comasco (CO)