“Amniotico” (“Amniotic”)

Amniotico. Illustration by Mirko Quaglietta

Illustration by Mirko Quaglietta

Park| Via alla Darsena

Among vine and twisted hazel branches, bunches of hops, white grapes, the floating Marimo, Avalanche roses and fragrant notes of wallflower…
A completely sustainable floral installation: from the protagonist nature, after Orticolario returning to the earth, up to the structure made with recycled materials.

Give yourself a moment, return to the Womb of the Earth.
In the water, slender figures dance on tiptoe.
Light bodies draw movements and geometries, the very essence of vital energy.
Hear the sound of unspoken words.
Remember where you come from. And don’t forget it.

Project by
il papavero blu, Mirko Quaglietta, Monica Zappa
Longone al Segrino (Co)
IG: @ilpapaveroblu . @ramographia.ink