“Alla ricerca di sé stessi”

 “Alla ricerca di sé stessi”

The concept

A bamboo labyrinth shrouded in fog for an immersive experience in search of oneself. Following the path, visitors retrace their life from birth to the present moment, encountering brighter and darker areas, which respectively symbolize the happiest or saddest moments. Arriving at the centre, they are dazzled by a strong light which, as in the happy ending of every fairy tale, represents their personal fulfilment: on the spiritual side, the achievement of happiness, on the material side, the completion of the path.

Project by
Arianna Tomatis . Mondovì (Cn) . ariannatomatis.com

Companies that contribute to the realization of the project

Set up
Miretti Giardini . Busca (Cn) . mirettigiardini.com

Plants nurtured by
Made in Bamboo . Torino (To) . madeinbamboo.com

In the labyrinth

Every day

“The singing bamboo labyrinth”

Interactive sound installation by the artist and composer Piergiorgio Ratti | piergiorgioratti.com
The loudspeakers inside the labyrinth amplify a musical composition generated by the plants that make up the labyrinth itself and interact deeply with the environment and with visitors. The responses to external stimuli are translated into sounds, organized in space to give life to a sound path.

The interview