All sages of Orticolario

All sages of Orticolario

Celebrating the tenth edition with Salvia.
A choice that for the first time involves an entire genus boasting a great biodiversity.
In fact, it counts about 1000 species and hundreds of varieties growing all over the world and in very different climates.

Blossoming sages can be found in the prealpine meadows as well as in the grassy and dry areas of the Mediterranean coasts, from Brazil to the American prairies, from Malta to England. They also exist in Asia, from the Middle East to Japan. Wild or nurtured, sage has become part of every garden.

A passion for collectors
The nurtured sages are herbaceous as well as shrubs and brown flowered: for example the Salvia africana-lutea, resistant to seawater and to the sea warmth and the Salvia dominica, a wild herbaceous sage from the Middle East, with a white flower, whose inflorescence is said to be at the origin of the form of the Jewish candlestick.

Orticolario and the world tour with Salvia
An ambitious project involving public and private companies, thanks to which the Salvia collection for the 2018 edition was created.

A wide and energetic path that, for the first time, involves a national research institute such as CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economics Analysis), a large company producing young plants such as Florensis and a keen grower like Daniele Spinelli of Green Service, with the particular selection of ‘Wish’ sage hybrids featuring a strong ornamental character.

A real journey into a botanical genus, completed by so many exhibitors, installations, collectors and enthusiasts at Orticolario 2018.