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A welcome with “Lake to Lake”

Lake to Lake di Francesco Mazzola - FDM F.lli Mazzola

Entrata Visconti, Largo Luchino Visconti

A special welcome to our visitors from “Lake to Lake”, the steel work designed and created by Francesco Mazzola | FDM F.lli Mazzola, a preview for Orticolario 2019.

“Lake to Lake” speaks of a journey from lake to lake across all continents, starting from Cernobbio in every direction towards the lakes scattered around the world.
A journey where distances approach and where borders do not divide, but are meeting points.

A work of design that indicates directions and distances, customizable for an infinite number of trips: from one mountain top to the other, among seas, cities, gardens, museums, …

And for the most demanding travellers, the detail that makes the difference: “Lake to Lake” is an elegant street furniture with a comfortable seat.

Francesco Mazzola | FDM F.lli Mazzola | iFlame
Capriate San Gervasio (Bg) |