A Terrarium in a bottle


Saturday 1st October 2016, 10.00 pm.
Gazebo in the Garden

“A Terrarium in a bottle”
Styles and tolls to built a dreamy garden in a bottle.

With Judith Baehner, blogger e writer

‘Creating a garden, a mini-ecostystem in a bottle is fascinating. As a child I made those with my dad, who is a very passionate gardener and keeper of indoor plants. A few years ago when I was making my book The Plantlab I decided to make them again. Specially for my friends who do not have green thumbs.

To make a mini-ecosystem you can use all kinds of bottles and vases as long as they can be air-closed and an opening that is not to small. How you can make these terrariums I will show and tell you in this lecture.’

Judith Baehner

Judith Baehner is a freelance editor and stylist at Het Groenlab. She shares her passion for green on the website, in books, magazines, workshops and lectures. She also wrote the book Het Plantenlab. In the past 5 years she wrote books about food and plants. In April 2015 the book Het Plantenlab (The Plantlab) was published and just now the book Wonderplants was launched in Dutch and English.
During the writing of the book Het Plantenlab, to get her friends and other people more into green and plants, she started to make the mini-ecosystems in bottles again for those who do not have green thumbs. The love for these bottles grew and she even developed her own hand forged tools for making the bottles with the Dutch company Sneeboer. Now Judith gives workshops and talks about bottle gardening to inspire others to make them.

Judith Baehner