3. “Seduzione à L’enverse”

William Zanotto, interior designer and Kristian Buziol, garden designer
William Zanotto, interior designer and Kristian Buziol, garden designer

The concept

Seduction becomes a magical experience, in a surreal but totally real scenario. Let yourself be seduced to get involved, for a conquest, to enjoy every moment. Among mirrors, a symbol of vanity and truth, and discovery, you enter a place where you can surrender to seduction and pick Eve, the Apple of Desire.

The interview

What is the last book you read? And what will be the next one?
William: The last book I read is “Tre atti e due tempi” (Three acts and two stages) by Giorgio Faletti, the next one will be “Gli Arancini di Montalbano” (Montalbano’s arancinis) by Andrea Camilleri.
Kristian: The last book I read is “Trilogy of the city of K.” by Agota Kristof , the next one will be “Gardens. An Essay on the Human Condition” by Robert Pogue Harrison.

Your next trip?
William: To Japan.
Kristian: To the Azores.

Favourite colour?
William: Green.
Kristian: White.

What is the plant that matters most to you?
William: Maritime pine, because it reminds me of home.
Kristian: Lagerstroemia indica.

Where would you live?
William: Where I am living right now, in Bassano del Grappa.
Kristian: Island of Pantelleria.

What is your favourite historical era?
William: Early 1900s
Kristian: Italian Renaissance.

Can you describe in short a scene that represents “beauty and elegance” for you?
William: The graceful and soft sensuality of the Three Graces, sculptures by Antonio Canova portraying the daughters of Zeus, Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia, the three beneficial goddesses who spread splendour, joy and prosperity in the human and natural world.
Kristian: An arboreal peony.

What is a garden for you?
William: A place where you can find serenity and peace, daydreaming while abandoning yourself to the beauty of nature.
Kristian: My life.

What is seduction for you?
William: Seduction is sometimes an opportunity.
Kristian: A weapon.