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2022 Events program

General Programme 2022. Performance by É Studio and Le Nuove Proposte during Charity dinner.

Ph. Luigi Fieni

“There are no non-bloody fairy tales. All fairy tales come from the depth of blood and anguish”
(Franz Kafka)

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Only Italian Version

The fairy tale, as old as man

It builds our mindscapes

Getting lost in a dark wood, running into the witch, finding your own way in the unknown, between darkness and difficulty.
Fear, wonder, possibility. No final morality.
A dimension where the supernatural is not surprising. Gnomes, dragons, wizards, orcs, fairies, elves, enchanted gardens, and magical plants.
As ancient as the language of man, it is lost in time because it was born with the very act of narrating and listening, of sharing the great enigmas and the great questions of the human being.
Here is the fairy tale, which is not a fable.

Guest of honour

Chantal Colleu-Dumond, director of the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire and her Festival des jardins

A lover of travel, culture, and gardens, from the fairytale castle, which has become “a laboratory of contemporary creation in the field of gardens and landscape creation in the world”, she arrives in Orticolario to receive the “Avant Gardening” Award, a work of the artist Nicola Salvatore, and for an event.
Her private garden? “It’s a secret garden, it’s a completely virtual garden. (…) Full of images, memories, thoughts, it changes every day”.

Among the guests

Satoru Tabata, landscape architect. From Japan for Orticolario

In the Central Pavilion and in his project “La nascita di Kaguya Hime”, an event about how a landscape designer works in Japan, about Japanese refined aesthetic and perception of nature.

Lorenzo Bar and Thomas Froese, President and Honorary President of AIB – Italian Bamboo Association

Two encounters with a walk among the Bamboo Collections in the park. Moreover a tasting of bamboo herbal tea together with the chef Marianna Ziliati.
Only in Italian version

Vittorio Peretto, landscape architect and lifeblood of Orticolario, and Francesco Careri, architect, university professor, and author, among others, of “Walkscapes. Walking as an aesthetic practice”

Together in an unpublished and avant-garde event about landscape, walking, and fairytales.
Only in Italian version

Experiences & Workshops

Lello Piazza, human being and Marco Scarpa, photographer. A collaboration between Gardenia and Orticolario

Photography workshop that this year takes place in the Villa Erba park and on a historic and very rare boat, practically unique, to discover the fairy landscapes of Lake Como.

Antonella Fontana, popularizer of perfume culture and passionate about aromatherapy

Laboratory for the creation of a perfume, olfactory imprint of a person and his places, without distinction between body and space.

Claudia Ferretti, musician and sound artist

Sound walk in the park where sound reveals secret worlds outside and inside us, letting us imagine even what we don’t see with our eyes, stimulating us to imagine new narratives.