2019 Program. Among the events: “Wunderkit Orticolario Special Edition”


Ph. Nicola Boccaccini

Saturday, October 5th, at 11.00 a.m.
Café Restaurant Touché, Terrace of Villa Antica
Free admission, subject to availability

Wunderkit Orticolario Special Edition.
The box of wonders by Francesca Zoboli

with Francesca Zoboli, artist, illustrator and interior decorator and Giulia Capodieci, founder of Wunderkit and communication BASE Milan

A Wunderkit special edition meeting to discover the behind the scenes of an artist’s work.
On the terrace of Villa Erba, with the lake as a backdrop, the painter Francesca Zoboli describes herself through the five objects of her Wunderkit, a metaphor for her creative world.
Francesca Zoboli’s box of wonders collects interpretations from the plant world, botanical tables, green thumbs, horizons of colours and textures telling of distant lands.

What is Wunderkit?

It is a box of wonders, where objects are the trigger for memories, stories and inspirations.
Mysterious and autobiographical objects, objects taken from the toolbox, talismans, anti-stress objects, objects that smell new and antique objects at the centre of an opportunity for meeting artists and professionals of creative enterprises.
The collected stories tell of emotionality, roads and crossroads of inspirations, methods and techniques, creative rituals, memories and trade secrets
It was born in the BASE cultural centre in Milan

Everything is accompanied by the surprises of incomincia per c by Federica Camperi.

Who is Francesca Zoboli?

Francesca Zoboli’s artistic research takes place on a thin line between painting and interior decoration. Paper is her material of choice: precious collages made with poor papers, treated with rice starch colours or with inks; large assemblies inspired by ancient tapisseries, carpets and tapestries. But also gauze, wood, walls and a research that looks at natural materials to create inks and colours.


Francesca Zoboli

Incomincia per c