2019 Program. Among the events: “Il risveglio”

Ph. Anna Rapisarda

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October, unannounced time
Central Pavilion

“Il risveglio: dal bosco fino alla laguna”
Awakening: from the woods to the lagoon

With Loris and Tommaso dal Maistro, chioccolatori (imitators of bird songs)

In the magical atmosphere of Isola del tesoro, listening to the surprising performances of the ancient art of the chioccolo, or the imitation of the songs of migratory birds: from the great tit to the goldfinch, from the brambling to the canary, from the wood pigeon to the song thrush, with the owl and the mallard duck, from the blackbird to the owl, with the buzzard and the tree pipit, …

Discovering a garden without barriers with Loris dal Maistro, several times champion in Italy and in Europe, winner of the 1st absolute prize at the European Chioccolo Championship, in Beniganim in Spain. Together with him his son Tommaso, who is following in his footsteps.

Loris dal Maistro
FB: loris.dalmaistro

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